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WD3 – Compression Tool with “D” & “O” Dies


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Product Description

Capacity: Supplied With “D” & “O” Dies For H Taps.
“W” Type Dies Sold Separately For #6-4/0 Cu/Al (16mm2 – 96mm2) Lugs & Connectors.
Dies for Service Entrance Connectors sold Separately, BG die for #10 to 1/0 and 249 die for 1/0 to 4/0

WD3 Compression Tool with Fiberglass Handles is used with a fixed die station and “W” type discrete dies for crimping a wide range of “H” Taps, Lugs and Connectors.

As supplied the tool has a fixed “D” die nest in the crimping jaws and comes with a discrete “O” die, both of which are used for crimping “D” & “O” sized “H” Taps or connectors.

Two additional “W” type dies can be provided for crimping all sizes of Insulated and Non-insulated Service Entrance Connectors.

The BG or 5/8 Die will crimp Service Entrance Connectors from sizes #10 to 1/0 and the 249 or 840 Die will crimp Service Entrance Connectors from sizes 1/0 to 4/0.

Additional “W” type dies can be provided to enable the tool to crimp regular code type cable Lugs and Connectors from #6 to 4/0 in size.

BG Pair of “W” Type Dies BG or 5/8 $54.00
249 Pair of “W” Type Dies 249 or 840 $54.00

Additional Information

Weight 4.0 lbs
Dimensions 21 in