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9010 – Hand-Operated Ratchet Drive Cutter with Steel Handles and Ergonomic Grips (Cu/Al)


Product Description

One or two hand operation Compact Ratchet Drive Cutting tool fits in belt or pouch, is used for cutting copper and aluminum cables up to 600 MCM with a size over the insulation of up to 1.05” [26.67mm].

This Ratchet Drive Cutter features one hand operation. Compact –  Handle Lock for carrying in belt or pouch..

This Ratchet Drive Cutter is a variable force tool by allowing handles to open fully or less than full distance after each handle closure –  Fast and Slow operation as desired.

Fatigue-free ergonomic grips for lasting comfort on the job.

Quick release of blade engagement.     Replaceable Blades.

Additional Information

Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 in

600 MCM Cu/Al (300 mm2)

Maximum Insulation Diameter

1.05″ (26.67 mm)

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